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Who We’ve Worked With

Listen to Irene, Founder of Fem Entity

Dynamite Sites helped design their innovative platform for women’s health and wellness that was nominated for business of the year by the Halifax Chamber of Commerce

“Dynamite Sites is so wonderful to work with! I was fortunate to meet Ruth when I was visiting Toronto, and I’m so thankful for it cause she took all the stress away from configuring and setting up the Fem Entity platform! Not only did she ace the features and functionality, but also nailed the branding guidelines! She pays great attention to detail and tracks everything I should know about the platform! I’d recommend Dynamite Sites to anyone interested to setting up a WordPress platform!”

“We are very happy with our website. Not only is it functional, allowing clients to book appointments online, and providing important resources, it looks clean, professional and inviting.” From VWAT

We improved their site traffic by 463% with keywords with 1000s of monthly searches!

“Her expertise, attention to details, and thoroughness was key in creating the final website quickly. I highly recommend her services.” From Helene Lalonde, Vancouver Myeloma Support Group

We turned 110+ pages into an easily navigable website for this nonprofit.

“My whole team at 3D CityScapes love the new website layout and design and feel that is perfectly fits our business.” From James Borst

We run email campaigns for this tech company to help close leads for their $75,000+ USD projects.

“She delivered on a beautiful and functional website. She did what I have been putting off for years and I am so glad we had the opportunity to work together!” From Dr. Marilyn Tran

Using her site, Marilyn has earned thousands of dollars with retreats and courses.

All Our Reviews Are 5 Stars!

Read even more about how Dynamite Sites has transformed businesses and nonprofits.​

No time or skills to build a website yourself​​
Trouble updating and maintaining your site​​
Can’t spend big bucks, doing so much yourself​​
​Too busy to focus enough on marketing​​​
Spent too much already, but not enough ROI​​
Confusing number of choices, tech, strategies​​

How We Can Help​

Provide you with the tech needed to launch and grow​
Build a website customized for your brand, business​
Take care of security and updating content​
Create and schedule social media posts for you​
Implement an SEO strategy for generating revenue​
Increase your sales with CRM setup & email automations​
WordPress Web Design
Website Maintenance
Logo Design
Social Media Management
Ad Campaigns
Conversion Rate Optimization
CRM & Email Automation
Tech Tutorials

Watch Our Video Portfolio

Explore our previous projects by watching this video tour of the various sites made

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