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VWAT Family Services


Their Story

VWAT’s original website an outdated design lacking color and media that didn’t display properly. It also didn’t allow for user engagement because it was only possible sign up for events or appointments via email.

Now, their new site has lovely photos showcasing the organization’s sense of community. In addition, the event calendar and appointment setting tool allow visitors to register right when they want to. They also signed on for ongoing SEO, and during the optimization of their site, VWAT got more traffic and new clients!

Dr. Marilyn Tran


Their Story

Marilyn had wanted a website for years, and she had dreams of practicing naturopathic medicine through her own clinic. She wanted to build the site herself, but figuring out it isn’t easy, she didn’t have the time, and the typical WordPress web developer Toronto is home to can charge a lot.

Now, Marilyn’s made thousands of dollars from her first successful women’s retreat, advertised on her site, and she has all the scheduling tools to run her clinic. On top of that, through a training session, Marilyn’s learned to edit and update her own site and take care of security.

Deirdre Daniel


Their Story

Deirdre had been imagining a website to showcase her digital art, serving as portfolio that could be incredibly useful to gain more paid engagements or simply share her work with others.

Now, Deirdre has a modern website with a minimalist aesthetic that makes her artwork pop. And if she eventually wants an online store to sell her pieces or a calendar and registration to promote her events, Dynamite Sites will be easily able to add features and functionality while maintaining the chosen design.

Vancouver Myeloma Support Group


Their Story

The support group organizers had a vision for a website that could educate those newly diagnosed with myeloma and their caregivers. However, they didn’t know how to turn their Word doc with a hundred-plus pages into a properly functioning site.

After working with this WordPress agency in Toronto, this Vancouver group now  has a hopeful display of life-saving information on myeloma. The support group is receiving wonderful feedback on their new presence, and the organizers are much more confident using WordPress, now updating the content themselves.

B2B Opps Referral Group


Their Story

B2B Opps Referral Group is a community of business owners in Canada and the U.S that meet virtually and in-person. The goal of the group is to promote each other’s businesses, provide marketing opportunities, and offer support during the entrepreneurial journey.

The referral group needed a membership site with a blog, an events page, a forum and reporting forms. This user-friendly multi-tool platform allows members to stay informed easily, share content, report statistics, and attract new members – all to support the referral group’s success.

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What Our Clients Think

Marilyn Tran

Working with Ruth was so easy and satisfying. She was clear in our communication and outlined all the steps and the process along the way, which made it simple to know what to expect. She was always available to answer questions, and I feel she captured what I wanted and delivered on a beautiful and functional website. She did what I have been putting off for years and I am so glad we had the opportunity to work together!

Dr. Marilyn Tran​

Naturopathic Doctor​


Our non-profit organization, VWAT Family Services, which provides social and community services for newcomers in the city of Toronto and has been in operation since 1982, has had the pleasure of working with Ruth to re-create our website. Ruth is extremely organized, quick to respond to questions, and resourceful in helping us find solutions. She was great at following up with us, and breaking down tasks that needed to be completed in a clear and concise manner. Communication was consistent and instructions were thorough. She consulted us on themes, what apps were required based on our needs, and created the website based on the framework we provided for her. In addition, she is connected to a large network and referred us to other professionals, such as logo designers and SEO consultants. She did all this while working within our budget. Ruth will do her best to work within your budget. We are very happy with our website. Not only is it functional, allowing clients to book appointments online, and providing important resources, it looks clean, professional and inviting. Thank you, Ruth, for working with us to present a new digital face for our organization!

VWAT Family Services​

Newcomer Organization

James Borst

Ruth really takes the time to get all the little details right, and she truly cares about delivering customer satisfaction. She makes incredible design choices, so professional while also catering to each client’s taste. And she does her research. She does her best to stay up to date on the latest effective marketing strategies. As a former web developer, I can tell you you’re definitely in good hands with Dynamite Sites.

James Borst​

Founder & CEO of 3D Cityscapes


Ruth took our vision and 114 page word document and turned it into a aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly, functioning website for the myeloma (blood cancer) community. Having no knowledge of the ins and outs of websites, we are so appreciative that Ruth educated us and patiently answered all our queries. Her expertise, attention to details, and thoroughness was key in creating the final website quickly. I highly recommend her services.

Helene Lalonde

Vancouver Myeloma Support Group Director

Ron Finlay, Owner of Perpetual Rhythms

What Ruth does differently at Dynamite Sites is empower her clients by providing them opportunities to learn tech and marketing skills themselves. I wanted to learn more about the ins and outs of marketing on social media to promote my business, Perpetual Rhythms, and Ruth was able to find the right professional to give me comprehensive tutorials. She also teaches clients how to manage the backend of their WordPress sites because she believes in helping her clients take control of their digital presence and launch it to the next level. Don’t miss an opportunity to learn as well as grow your business with Dynamite Sites.

Dr. Marilyn Tran​

Founder of Perpetual Rhythms

Deirdre Daniel

I love the beautiful website that Ruth created for me! I so appreciate Ruth’s expertise, organizational, and communication skills. She is very responsive and easy to work with. Ruth was able to listen to my ideas and offer interesting and effective ways to bring them into fruition. I feel confident knowing that as my website needs change (and they will) Ruth will be there to explain my options and make the necessary changes. I am free to dream up my perfect website without worrying about how to make it happen. Than means a lot to me. I absolutely recommend Dynamite Sites!

Deirdre Daniel

Art Educator, Digital Artist

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As a WordPress web developer Toronto agency, we know that you want to succeed big even if you’re a solopreneur or small organization.

To do that, you need a powerful website and marketing automation specialist. The problem is these solutions can be unaffordable, you might choose the wrong help, or you’ve got too much hired help working without a unified plan.

As a result, you might be turning away visitors on your site, and your campaigns might be unclear and inconsistent, generating few leads. All this can make you feel stuck.

Being a small business, we understand your growing pains, which is why we offer just about everything you’re looking for in one place at reasonable rates.

You want to focus on your passion for your business or charity, not website and marketing stuff, so let us take all that off your shoulders.