Why Choose Dynamite Sites

Dynamite Sites is not just a typical web design and digital marketing agency.

The company was founded by Ruth Emode, who has a background in teaching English as a Second Language to post-secondary students. Because of her time in academic settings, she values compassion, communication, transparency, active listening, and collaboration. These are all the soft skills needed to manage projects with others and deliver excellent customer service.

This is why Dynamite Sites offers site maintenance plans for the business owner who doesn’t have the time to properly manage their own domain, hosting, and security or update content. And she offers tech tutorials to empower entrepreneurs by teaching them the fundamentals so they can develop confidence in the tools they’re using to launch and scale their ventures.

Ruth Emode

Also in the interest of helping businesses and nonprofits spend less, invest wisely, and gain more, Dynamite Sites offers robust SEO plans that deliver better results than competitors who don’t offer all three types of optimization to the fullest: keyword research and professional copywriting to craft high-ranking pages and articles; technical optimization to dramatically improve the performance of a website and bring it into alignment with search engine requirements; and an effective backlinks campaign to connect the domain with other authoritative websites.

About the Founder

It may seem odd that a college professor and university instructor of ESL has transformed into a web designer, but due to her career in higher education, Ruth gained plenty of firsthand experience in edtech. The number of platforms that teachers are expected to use has dramatically increased over the decades, and as a result of jumping into the various platforms that can make learning more engaging and administrative tasks easier, Ruth developed a level of tech savviness that allowed her to learn the fundamentals and grasp the possibilities of WordPress relatively quickly.

Ruth’s first project was an educational platform for ESL learners, Miss Ruth’s English Podcast, with more authentic listening and speaking practice, especially for pronunciation skills. The challenge of building a site with dozens of courses; hundreds of lessons, audio clips and comprehension questions; integrating interactive edtech assessments; and a navigation that made it easy to explore all that content was the crash course Ruth needed to delve into the world of WordPress and harness its incredible power of customization to suit just about any need or goal one can think of. Take a look at the Dynamite Sites’s portfolio for examples.

Special Services We Offer

Consequently, Dynamite Sites doesn’t just build simple informational or brochure websites. Because of Ruth’s ongoing professional development, plain old curiosity, and the professionals she partners with, Dynamite Sites can also do complex builds such as e-commerce sites for physical or virtual products and for multiple vendors; membership sites; paid online courses; dynamic websites that are still fast and high performing; forums and social media platforms where users connect and interact with each; and more.

Dynamite Sites also provides a service many other agencies don’t: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system setup. After talking with many entrepreneurs at networking events, Ruth discovered that many small business owners do not know what a CRM is or how it can help significantly increase their profits. Since the tracking capabilities of a CRM allow the users to effectively push prospects through the sales cycle and ensure that customers in the database are being routinely educated about products, services, and promotions, a business can maximize their revenue with all that data by making sure not to overlook any sales opportunities.

Being an educator, Ruth helps small businesses realize that they need to develop a whole marketing machine that goes beyond thinking of each tech tool in its own silo. By connecting the CRM to the website, businesses can ensure that they never miss an inquiry and that the right person on the team is assigned the task of following up. They can also bring in e-commerce sales into their system to track all the important metrics in one place. By connecting the CRM to email or SMS automations, owners can know within a few clicks how engaged each lead is with the current campaigns and increase the chances of getting repeat business from customers. Integrating the CRM with direct mail campaigns is also another avenue to building brand awareness and landing local sales.

Our Values and Community

Ruth also believes in working with nonprofits to help give back to the community because such organizations deserve the opportunity to flourish like any business, and she enjoys working on projects that will ultimately be a part of making lives better, like the satisfying work of bringing all the content on living with myeloma online for the Vancouver Myeloma Support Group.

Dynamite Sites also differs in its many connections to other small businesses. Ruth actively runs a referral group with other small businesses in Canada that offer a multitude of services and products. With the relationships she has built with these fellow entrepreneurs, she can provide valuable connections to her clients who may also be looking for accounting, financial advising, real estate agent, health and wellness services and much more.

Dynamite Sites Can Help You Get Grants!

Ruth is also knowledgeable about grants and loans for both businesses and nonprofits, especially those who’ve been operating for a few years and need financial support to expand their website or implement new technologies to scale their operations. Contact Ruth to learn more about federal government grants and grants from private institutions that could be the perfect fit for your business.

Interested in learning more about how Dynamite Sites can be a partner in your success? Don’t hesitate to call or email Ruth to discuss the possibilities of developing your company to achieve your goals.